March 17 Program


17th March University of Deusto in Bilbao (Auditorium). Fatherhood Reflections from feminism, research and proposals


08:45-09:30. Registration of participants.

09:30-10:00 h. Start of the conference

  • Cristina Iturrioz. Vice-rector of Research and Transfer at the University of Deusto.
  • Izaskun Landaida. Director of Emakunde, Basque Women’s Institute
  • Iñigo Pombo. Councillor for Social Action of the City of Bilbao.
  • Lide Amilibia.  Deputy Minister for Social Policies, Department of Employment and Social Policies at the Basque Government.

10:00-10:15. Kirmen Uribe´s performance.

10:15-11:00. Framework paper: “Trasnformative fatherhood and motherhood: from autonomy to dependence”.

  • María Jesús Izquierdo. Doctor of Economics. Teacher in Sociological Theory at the Universitat Autónoma in Barcelona.

Moderator: María Silvestre. PhD in sociology and political science. Professor and researcher at the University of Deusto.

11:00- 11:15. Question and answer session with the public.

11:15-12:00. Presentation of the research “Basque father´s involvement in parenting: impact on co-responsibility and on productive work”.

  • Toñi Caro. Director of the International Research Project Office at the University of Deusto
  • Leire Gartzia. Chief researcher at the University of Deusto.
  • Ritxar Bacete. Research coordinator. Anthropologist. Specialist in gender and paternity.


Moderator: José Javier Miguel de la Huerta. Director of Family and Community Policy of the Basque Government

12:00- 12:15. Question and answer session with the public.

12:15-12:45. Break

12:45-13:45. Symposium. “Paternities under construction, power and intergenerational care.”

  • Paco Abril. “Paternities under construction”. President of Homes Igualitaris Catalunya – AHIGE, Girona and UOC Universities.
  • José Ángel Lozoya. Masculinity and care for the elderly “. Gender Specialist. Network of Men for Equality.
  • Octavio Salazar. “Paternitiees, identitiesand power.”Professor ofConstitutional Law at theUniversity of

Moderation: Ander Bergara. Gizonduz Program´s coordinator. Emakunde- Basque Institute for Women.

13:45-14:00 h. Question and answer session with the public.

14:00 h. Farewell and closing day of Bilbao.